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Avanti Markets Micromarkets

Welcome to the convenience of Coffee System’s’s Avanti Markets!

This is how today’s best companies make fresh foods, snacks and beverages available to their employees.

Avanti Markets – the Healthy Alternative to Vending – is a food and beverage system that utilizes a revolutionary self-checkout kiosk, designed specifically for use in the workplace, to power and secure an unmanned convenience market. The Avanti Markets micro-market is a comprehensive solution that is greener, healthier and more convenient than traditional vending.

Customers simply pick out the items that they would like to purchase, scan the UPC symbol at the kiosk and pay for them using one of two methods:

  • Credit Card – MasterCard, Visa and Discover accepted
  • Avanti Market Keytag – Cash, credit or debit can be easily added to the keytags



We provide as many keytags needed for your location free of charge. Picture walking into your break room and having the freedom to browse through hundreds of selections before selecting your item and purchasing it at an easy to use, unmanned, self-checkout kiosk. Avanti Markets offers a far more convenient, healthy and efficient alternative to traditional vending.

Why Avanti Markets?

  • Better & fresher food quality to your associates
  • No loss of $$ or refund hassles
  • Convenient, high-tech, and easy to use
  • Virtually no service calls
  • Completely customizable
  • More versatile than vending
  • Accepts Cash, Visa, MasterCard or Debit Cards


Avanti Markets promotes healthier eating


The food and beverage selection includes a large assortment of healthy products too! A healthy employee is a happy employee! From reduced fat chips to low calorie sports drinks, Avanti Markets has something for every health conscious employee. Ask our Sales Representative for a complete list of products that are low in calories, sodium, fat, and cholesterol.

In contrast to vending machines, this approach gives you so many more choices in the number and sizes of selections. You’re no longer constrained to what fits in a vending machine. This means healthier choices, sundry items, fresh fruit, and even larger take-home items like milk and bread, thereby saving a trip to the grocery store!

Exactly what you have in your store is up to you. We work together to customize the choices and configuration based upon the space available and other preferences.

As with all other features, the layout of your Avanti Market is completely customizable. Whether the space is where a current vending bank is, a break room, converted office or common area, our markets and components are flexible enough to work. The only requirement is the space must be equipped with a power source and Internet connection.

Coffee Systems will provide modern, efficient coolers, attractive fixtures, a kiosk, and a complete 24-hour security system. It is recommended you place your Avanti Market in a “closed location,” like a room with access via a single door.

The security system works in sync with the kiosk to monitor the market. With these systems in place, theft in controlled environments has been found to be negligible. Clearly marked signs indicate to users that there is video surveillance, which discourages shrinkage.







Take the Next Step

Let Coffee Systems of the Hudson Valley help you transform your workplace refreshment!

Between our competitive prices and our automated breakroom solutions, the choice is easy. For additional information about Coffee Systems of the Hudson Valley please complete our on-line information request or call us at 800-660-3175.




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  • › Fresh-made foods
  • › Great selection
  • › Nutritional tracking
  • › Energy efficient
  • › Physically Secure
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