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Traditional Brewers


Bunn – Thermal Server Coffee Brewer

  • Brews 3.8 to 5.5 gallons (14.4 to 20.8 liters) of perfect coffee per hour.
  • Brewer measures only 9 inches wide.
  • Pourover model available (CW15-TS).
  • Pourover feature included on automatic models.
  • Internal components are constructed from stainless steel.
  • Hot water faucet available.
  • SplashGard funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand.
  • Holds up to 12 cups.
  • Thermal server supplied with equipment.
  • Click HERE to download the manual


Bunn – Airpot Coffee Brewer

  • Brews 3.8 to 7.5 gallons (14.4 to 28.4 litres) of perfect coffee per hour.
  • Brews directly into 2.2 liter airpots.
  • Convenient airpots keep coffee hot and fresh for hours.
  • Airpots are easily transported to remote meeting rooms, breakfast bars, etc.
  • Pourover model available (CW15-APS).
  • Pourover feature included on automatic models.
  • Faucet available on CWTF models only.
  • Gourmet funnel model available for use with heavier throw weights of coffee.
  • International electrical configurations available.
  • Click HERE to download the manual


Bunn – Bloomfield

How do you get more for less? Use the Bloomfield Lo-Profile® brewing system. At less than 17” tall, the Lo-Profile is small in stature but big on capacity. Like all Bloomfield products, this proven, efficient brewing system is designed to take advantage of the finest electrical components and has the lowest service cost in the industry for this type of brewer.

  • A high level of commonality of parts with other Bloomfield models will significantly reduce the inventory of spare parts required to service many body styles.
  • Exclusive design provides easy access to components for quick service.
  • Water volume adjustments can be made with ease, no panels to remove or tools required.
  • Ready-to-Brew light indicates the proper water temperature to help eliminate the guesswork in brewing.
  • Built-in pour over feature provides flexibility.
  • Independent front-mounted hot water faucet (except model 8573) allows drawing of hot water without affecting coffee taste or brewing cycle.
  • Premium quality thermostat has a full-length stainless steel sensing bulb that recognizes water temperature extremely accurately and cycles less frequently.
  • Superior sprayhead design spreads water over the coffee grounds, creating agitation and a floating action that completely saturates the coffee to capture the full, rich essence of every bean.
  • Unique water valve with built-in flow control and strainer assures consistent operation at 20-90 p.s.i.
  • One-piece drawn stainless steel water tank has a superior design for extended life.
  • Three warming stations with porcelain enameled warmer plates position decanters securely and, with no exposed screw heads, will not scratch or scrape decanters.
  • High quality easy to clean stainless steel construction.
  • Click HERE to download the manual


GoodWest Milk Dispenser

Goodwest now has introduced the only bag-in-box cream dispenser designed for office coffee. All of our products are shelf stable with a 6 month code from point of manufacture, requiring no refrigeration after opening. Equipment is an easy plug-in requiring no defrosting and no water lines. And best of all, it is put on a total loaner basis requiring no capital investment.

It eliminates waste
The OCS Cream Machine eliminates both pilferage and waste. There are no creamer cups to take, and with precise delivery of the cream from the nozzle, customers take only what they will use. There’s also no wasted counter space, the average customer cup containers or pump rack close up to 2 feet of space. The OCS Creamer Machine measures a compact 17.56″ x 9.5″ x 17.35″.

It’s good – and good for you
Our cream is 100% natural and produced here in the USA.

It saves money
Our bag-in-products cost less per ounce than any creamer cup on the market. We’re so sure of it that we’ll match or beat the price of any comparable creamer cup. Just ask us!

It’s clean
No more messy pump bottles and creamer cups to clean up. Mo more issues with spoiled cream. With our OCS machine, all bags are shelf stable, requiring no refrigeration until opening. Once opened, the bags are good for 15 days in the machine. Offer your employees the finest cream dispensing system on the market.

It’s easy
Because the product requires no refrigeration until the opening, it can be stored under the kitchen counter and installed easily in the machine. There is no clean-up, no mess, and allows the employees to put the right amount of cream in their coffee.

Machine options
We provide a dispenser that does both one and two selections – either Half & Half, Whole Milk or French Vanilla.

Guaranteed sale
With our new OCS cream dispensers, your customers will never look to another vendor for their coffee and creamer needs. Offers a competitive edge above pumps, creamer cups, and messy quarts. Our bag is the only one that fits into this machine, so you’re guaranteed a sale every time. Along with a 6 month code from point of manufacture, backup stock is never an issue.

Machine Unit Specifications

Model OCS1
Width 9.5″
Height 17.35″
Depth 17.65″
Volts 115
Watts 150
Charge 2.5oz.
Max Amps 2.0
Refrigerant R134A
Model OCS2
Width 9.5″
Height 17.35″
Depth 17.65″
Volts 115
Watts 150
Charge 2.5oz.
Max Amps 2.0
Refrigerant R134A


Curtis Gem Satellite

  • 1.5 gallon batch size capability
  • Brews 16.3 to 18.9 gallons of perfect coffee per hour
  • Adjustable bypass ensures perfect coffee regardless of batch size
  • Hot water faucet does not affect brew level
  • SplashGard funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand
  • GEM3 portable satellite server has patented Safety-Fresh brew thru lid with vapor seal and spill protection
  • 120/240 is a 4 wire 240 volt circuit
  • Electronic timer ensures fast set up and accurate brew levels
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